Topics in OSS production course team

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Topics in OSS production course team
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Syllabus document - comments, suggestions, discussion 4 Adrian Stagg at 2:57am, May 03
How do we deal with "moral dilemmas" in the course? 11 Karl Fogel at 12:57am, Apr 11
Fundamentally 3 Goals 2 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:52am, Apr 06
Outcomes for the Course - gaining clarification and consensus 17 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:32am, Apr 04
Have we agreed the level for the OSS production course? 13 Adrian Stagg at 6:14am, Apr 03
Does OSI have an Ethercalc install? 4 Hazel.Jones at 6:40am, Mar 31
Brainstorm question - Dividing OSS production course into four sections 5 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:29am, Mar 29
Draft design blueprint (Straw man proposal) 2 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:47am, Mar 29
Moving Forward with Some Questions/Discussion 7 Adrian Stagg at 1:45am, Mar 29
Invite to join the chat channel 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 7:45am, Mar 16
Log-ins to Moodle version 9 Wayne Mackintosh at 6:45am, Mar 16
Follow-up OSS Production Course Meeting 2 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:32am, Mar 03
Project pages and links 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 11:56pm, Feb 21
Faculty Collaborators 6 Patrick Masson at 5:39pm, Jul 28, 2016
Update & Question from Toowoomba 9 Wayne Mackintosh at 3:52am, Jul 21, 2016
FOSS alternative to "Doodle" (Of topic) 5 Dave Lane at 9:41am, Jul 11, 2016
Zoom client for Linux - bugfix... 2 Patrick Masson at 1:51pm, Jun 23, 2016