Topics in OERu MVP task force

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Topics in OERu MVP task force
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Doodle Poll - Consultation meeting and review of the 1st year of study 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 11:27pm, Aug 26, 2017
Update on the launch of the OERu 1st year of study 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:06am, Apr 14, 2017
Draft of email to the MVP TF and Strategic Planning WG as per Jim Taylor's suggestion 1 Dave Lane at 12:39am, Mar 29, 2017
UHI validates OERu qualification 5 Randy Fisher at 11:05pm, Mar 27, 2017
2016 End-of-year communiqué to Vice Chancellors 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 4:04am, Dec 21, 2016
OERu Technical working group meeting (2016-09-21 23:30 UTC) 1 Brian Lamb at 1:07am, Sep 20, 2016
Review of MVP course sites at OERu international partners meeting 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 12:14am, Sep 16, 2016
OERu Tech Working Group Meeting - Sept 2016 1 Dave Lane at 4:04am, Sep 07, 2016
Moodle backups for the Saylor course conversions 6 Wayne Mackintosh at 3:57am, Aug 12, 2016
Report of the 2nd meeting of the MVP task force posted in the wiki 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:52am, Jun 09, 2016
Next MVP task force meeting: Action required 5 Wayne Mackintosh at 4:37am, Jun 07, 2016
Agenda posted for 2nd MVP task force meeting tomorrow 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 3:10am, Jun 07, 2016
Grouping Courses for ease of navigation 5 Adrian Stagg at 6:00am, May 24, 2016
Course 'standards' in the MVP 5 Adrian Stagg at 5:59am, May 24, 2016
is there a Learning Pathways template 12 Adrian Stagg at 1:29am, May 18, 2016
How much can I remix content? 5 Christine Daviault at 5:43pm, Mar 21, 2016
Micro-courses + course descriptions 4 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:03am, Mar 21, 2016
Agenda for the 1st OERu MVP task force meeting 2 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:36am, Mar 18, 2016
First MVP Task force meeting - Dates and times confirmed 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:57am, Mar 16, 2016
MVP task force consultation and support webinar 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:22am, Mar 15, 2016