Topics in Strategic Planning Working Group

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Topics in Strategic Planning Working Group
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Progress report - OERu 1st year of study 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:12am, Apr 14, 2017
Draft of email to the MVP TF and Strategic Planning WG as per Jim Taylor's suggestion 1 Dave Lane at 1:58am, Mar 29, 2017
UHI validates OERu qualification 2 Gary Campbell at 7:25pm, Mar 15, 2017
2016 End-of-year communiqué to Vice Chancellors 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 4:06am, Dec 21, 2016
Update: OERu marketing and communications 1 Jim Taylor at 4:38am, Aug 04, 2016
Review of OERu 2016 KPIs 5 Jane-Frances Agbu at 1:03am, Jul 14, 2016
Progress with MVP action plan and call for volunteers 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 4:09am, Dec 24, 2015
Wrapping up our work for 2015: Calibration KPIs for 2016 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:28am, Dec 01, 2015
Revised OERu Quicklinks page 2 Jane-Frances Agbu at 9:56am, Oct 02, 2015
Early bird contributions for remote OERu 2015-10 meeting participants - Have your say 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 11:01pm, Oct 01, 2015
Input evaluation initial report now available 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 9:30am, Sep 28, 2015
OERu Input evaluation - Aggregated results 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 12:57am, Sep 21, 2015
Preparation for the forthcoming OERu meetings in South Africa 2 Jim Taylor at 6:02am, Sep 19, 2015
Consultation: Should OERu establish an open badges working group? 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 1:21am, Sep 07, 2015
Good OERu exposure in University World News 2 Jane-Frances Agbu at 6:53pm, Aug 24, 2015
OERu launches input evaluation survey 2 Jane-Frances Agbu at 7:54pm, Aug 11, 2015
OERu input evaluation survey - Last opportunity to provide feedback. 3 Wayne Mackintosh at 10:28pm, Aug 02, 2015
Barriers and obstacles to participating in the OERu network - Input needed from Strategic Planning group 17 David Porter at 3:34am, Aug 01, 2015
Draft minutes of the 4th meeting of the Strat Planning WG posted 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:33am, Jul 29, 2015
Meeting 4 Wayne Mackintosh at 6:11am, Jul 25, 2015