Topics in OERu focal points

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Topics in OERu focal points
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Quality Evaluation for OERu Courses 10 Adrian Stagg at 11:21pm, Mar 05, 2018
Progress report - OERu 1st year of study 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 2:14am, Apr 14, 2017
New CC-BY book about Open Practices 4 rajiv.jhangiani at 11:06am, Apr 05, 2017
Global Survey on Quality of MOOCs: Final Call - we need you! 3 Christian M. Stracke at 6:39am, Apr 05, 2017
Report: 5th International Meeting of OERu Partners 2 Marc P. Singer at 5:23pm, Oct 30, 2016
OERu Technical working group meeting (2016-09-21 23:30 UTC) 1 Brian Lamb at 1:07am, Sep 20, 2016
Open consultation - Meeting agenda for the OERu 2016-10 meetings 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 9:05am, Aug 25, 2016
Only limited space left for OERu partners meeting 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 7:03am, Aug 23, 2016
Open new doors to higher education - Sneak preview of OERu partner's recruitment video 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 6:51am, Aug 23, 2016
Implementing the OERu Minimum Viable Product - Progress report 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 12:34am, Aug 18, 2016
Preparing for launch of the OERu channel on Youtube - Action required 6 Sarah Lambert at 1:47am, Aug 12, 2016
Don't forget to register for the OERu 2016 International Partner's Meeting 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:57am, Aug 04, 2016
A few changes to the site in support of our new Marcoms strategy 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 3:15am, Aug 04, 2016
Help OERu get a custom url for our new Youtube channel 3 Wayne Mackintosh at 4:15am, Aug 03, 2016
Update: OERu Marketing and Communications project 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 5:19am, Jul 22, 2016
Getting ready for the OERu 1st year of study - Prototype course to test MVP technology platform 5 Wayne Mackintosh at 8:27am, Jul 21, 2016
USQ micro-courses for the OERu 1st year of study completed for MVP 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 3:25am, Jul 21, 2016
Updated OERu course development schedule - Please review 6 Wayne Mackintosh at 10:40pm, Jul 19, 2016
Assessment services for an Intro to Sociology OERu course 1 Sarah Lambert at 5:07am, Jul 08, 2016
OERu 2016 mid-year report for CEOs 1 Wayne Mackintosh at 8:37am, Jul 04, 2016